Package gui

Interface Summary
GuiConstants Contains constants for user interface.
WizardConstants The interface contains some constants which will get used throughout the WizardPanels.

Class Summary
AboutBox AboutBox
DataPanel Contains the JTable linked with the structure stored within the business object layer through the DataTableModel
DataTableModel The dataTable model class extends AbstractTableModel, and provides the ability to update the corresponding element when a cell value has been changed.
GUIColumnNames The GUIColumnNames is the wizard panel used for the selection, and modification of the column name values.
GUIDatabaseSetup The GUI Database setup wizard, is the wizard panel used for the selection of the database from the connected DBMS; which gets the values automatically populated, and provides the option of entering their own.
GUIExportDatabase The GUI Export to database wizard provides the dbms package with a gui frontend for exporting the internally stored structures to a chosen database format; which has options for mysql, mssql, and postgresql.
GuiFrame The GuiFrame class is the main interface which the client views; it contains the tabbed pane, instantiates the single record and data table views, creates the gui wizards, and monitors the actions triggered from the menu system.
GUIOpenFile The GUIOpenFile is the file open page of the wizard.
GUISaveFile The GUISaveFile extends the WizardPanel, and provides the user with a panel for the saving of a file.
Menu The Menu bar for the application.
MirrorMirror Methods enables users to set the look and feel of the application.
MyHyperlinkListener Inner class - handler for hyperlink clicks
SingleRecord The single record class is the viewing panel for the data
Splash Creates a Splash screen for the application
WizardManager The WizardManager extends JPanel, and acts as a controller for the containing cardlayout.

Enum Summary